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Friday, November 2, 2012

Noneillah Interview with Torae


1.Who is Torae /How did you get your name? Torae is an emcee & radio personality. I'm a fun loving hip-hopping all around good guy. I got my stage name from my mother, she wrote it on my birth certificate.

2.Where are you from? I'm from Brooklyn NY, Coney Island to be exact.

3.Can you describe your sound? My sound is inspired by 90's NY hip hop. But it's not stuck there nor does it sound dated. It's just influenced by what I came up on but with my current twist.

4.Who are your influences? Coming up in NYC I was inspired by seeing so many artists right from where I'm from. Guys like Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, EPMD, Slick Rick, Biggie & Jay Z just to name a few.
5 How did you start rapping or start working with music in general? I just fell into the music. I would see it out my window, hear it on the radio & see it on TV. I just started going for it. Eventually I found my way into the studio & I was making demos.

6 Whats do u like more being an mc or a producer? Definitely an MC, as I've never produced in my life. I do co-produce some of my stuff. I'll give the producer a sample or have things I'd like added to the beat.
7 How the groupies treating you? Horribly, tell them to step it up. Mob me at the mall, hold up posters at shows & cry when I get off the plane!

8 What are some collaborations you are working on/ Would like to work with? Right now, I'm working on this mixtape with Mick Boogie. I'm about 5 songs deep it's coming out pretty crazy. Expect the unexpected, Different producers, different collaborations. Hopefully early 2013 we'll drop it.

9.Do who have a favorite drug? My favorite drug is music. I don't smoke or drink I get a rush from 5,000 people in Poland hands up singing along to Double Barrel. That's a high!

10.what is your Favorite car? I've always been a Mercedes dude, but more recently the 7 series BMW has been catching my good eye. The Range Rover is never gonna not be hot, ever.

11.What coast shows you the most love? Hmm, I actually perform more in Europe so I'd say they show the most love.

12.Who do you make music for? I make music for the lovers of hip-hop music. Black, white, male, female everyone. If you're tired of what's in the mainstream & miss lyrics, flows, content then Torae is what you're looking for.

13.Are you signed and if so to what label ? I am the label. What's a label these days. I'm on BET, MTV, in magazines on tour. What's the label for?

14 .How does it feel to know that you have fans even in Jersey? Oh wow all the way in Jersey, that's awesome. I just came back from Thailand, but to know Jersey got me is unreal.

15.Do you like main streem or underground better?/And how have u adapted to it? I listen to mainstream & underground. There's some good & bad in both.

16.What differs you from all of the other rappers in the game? I'm just giving you Torae. No fronting, no faking for the camera. Just the life & times of an MC tryna make it out here.
17.What projects are you working on? I got a mixtape dropping top of the 2013 with Mick Boogie.

18.Thanks for your time any last words?
Thank you all for the support. Be sure to check out http://itstorae .com/ http://twitter.com/torae & https://www.facebook.com/itstorae love is love!

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