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Friday, March 4, 2011

SHHS Interview with Sha Stimuli

 Check out the new SHHS Exclusive Interview with Sha Stimuli !!!

Matt Mittens: Who is Sha-Stimuli?

Sha Stimuli : He's an interesting dude that used to love rap, now he just loves music and is searching daily for the thing that will motivate him to continue speaking to people through songs. They tried to figure out a way to market him but it was tough. Now he's finally realized who he is and that's a gifted wordsmith that relies too much on his words instead of his beats and music to entertain. Hopefully he wakes up and finds a way to wake up the world. 

Matt Mittens: Where did you grow up?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Brownsville but my family moved to Flatbush. 

Matt Mittens: Can you describe your sound ?

Sha-Stimuli :
   No not really. I don't listen to myself too much to describe it. It sounds good sometimes, other times, I don't know what I was thinking. I think my sound is reflective and deep but sometimes funny and sarcastic. However it sounds, I hope it gets better next year.

Matt Mittens: What did you think of the XXL Freshmen list this year? 
Sha-Stimuli :
 The High School Freshmen? They made a list? Oh the magazine? I think I saw it.. Wait who's on it? Krit, Cyhi, Fred and Yelawolf are my peoples. Me and Fred go way back. Gimme a second, let me look it up............ok Mac Miller got millions of views, never heard of YG, Diggy and Twist are the future right? Umm who else? Lil B is the next...well maybe he's the first of his kind, he's a marketing genius though. Everyone's talking about Kendrick Lamar so I get that. I guess it's a good list as far as lists go. I mean every year there's going to be people left off and people that shouldn't be there but that's the good thing about lists. Folks will debate and argue and compare and then move on. Congrats to those that made it!

Matt Mittens: Who are influenced by ?
Sha-Stimuli :
 I'm influenced by The Grim Reaper, God, Satan, overdraft fees, life, death, taxes.

Matt Mittens: Who have you  and would like to work with ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I worked with a lot of people, (shastimuli.bandcamp.com) I want to work with Glen Hansard, Ceelo Green, Mayer Hawthorne.

Matt Mittens:What is your method when you make a song ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
It changes, sometimes I write to a beat, sometimes I write to air, sometimes I have lines I want to use, mostly I just go and begin and see where the song takes me. Mostly I come up with a chorus first and verses later. I need to start switching up my song structure though. I think I'm tired of sounding regular. 

8  Matt Mittens:What was it like overseas?

Sha-Stimuli : 
Overseas was fun, I want to go back. I don't think I spent enough time there. I need to absorb it, get more of a fan base, have some overseas babies, you know...the usual. 

Matt Mittens: What projects  do you have coming or out right now ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
Unsung is out, The Proposal is next, Probably 11 more cds, some EPs an album, and I quit...maybe.

10 Matt Mittens: I see you go to the smack url events what do you think of the battle scene ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I love it! Mickey Factz and I watch those joints and talk about who's the nicest. My favorite battler right now is Hitman Holla. Of course I rock with Math Hoffa, Cortez, Hollow Da Don and all my NY peoples. But St. Louis is on the rise. I can watch battles all day, it's serious. I respect what they do, it's tough to remember all those raps and deliver em so well. 

11 Matt Mittens: Are you looking for a deal ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
No. I had a major deal, an indie one and I'm in negotiations now for another indie. Deals are stupid tho.  

13 Matt Mittens: This is an SHHS question do you have a favorite drug and if so what is it ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I am a drug, I stole that from Charlie Sheen. I don't have a favorite drug, unless you count food as a drug. I don't really smoke unless it's a special occasion or I'm with my brother Digga. I drink but not like I used to in college. Music is intoxicating to me. I don't do coke or crack, not because they aren't good but it's hard to find people to go half with you on a pipe or a few lines. My friends are squares

14 Matt Mittens: What do you think of the state of  hiphop right now ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I didn't even know hip-hop was a state. I love it though but I kind of hate it too. I don't listen to hip-hop to be honest with you unless I have to. You would have to tell me. I usually have some insightful answer about hip-hop but not today. I'm no hater, hooray hip-hop.

Matt Mittens: Where do  you see yourself and the end of this year?

Sha-Stimuli : 
I'm just trying to make it to the end of this month, but if I make it that far I want to be fat with a lot of facial hair and have a million views for my sex tape video I'm working on to promote my civil rights CD to follow that. Or maybe not. 

16 Matt Mittens: Any last words ?

Sha-Stimuli : 
Shastimuli.com, mondayramble.com, hit me on twitter.com/shastimuli and call me or text me at 917.340.4603 but after 7pm, and only if you like me...for real. Check out my new videos too. Wake Up & Go


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