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Sunday, March 29, 2009

SHHS Interview with Stilts (From "For The Love Of Ray J")

Matt: Did you go into the show with any interest in finding love with Ray J?

Stilts: Not at all, I did it for exposure to put myself back on the map. I'm a
married woman.

Matt: Do you respect Ray J?

Stilts: 100% he made a power move by doing the show.

Matt: So was your story about being separated from your husband just that or a story?

Stilts: That was just a story lol

Matt: Can you talk about you being a porn director.

Stilts: I'm not just a director i'm a leader. I direct and i'm very good at what I
do. I'm founder of Urban X Awards; www.urbanxawrds.com the first ethnic
awards show for the adult industry. I also own Erotic Diva Models an
adult talent agency.

Matt: Have you ever did porn and if not will you ever?

Stilts: No and will never do it i'm the brains of what I do.

Matt: Will you ever do reality TV again?

Stilts: Yes I want to do "I Love Money." I had a great time on "For The Love Of
Ray J."

Matt: What projects have you been working on?

Stilts: Man a lot, hosting lots of parties, photo shoot for blackmens magazine, shooting for hush magazine in jamaica, coming in june. I'm launching stilts couture clothing line in the summer, working on iluvstilts.com Just staying busy ya'll will see me a lot. Oh and i'm the executive producer for a reality show that I'm doing with Mr. Marcus

Matt: Any last Words?

Stilts: Yes look out for me and visit www.iluvstilts.com

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