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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SHHS Interview With Small World

Still Hip Hop Stash presents a interview with DTP artist Small World.

Matt: Who is Small World / How Did You get the name?

Small World: Small World is a young man from Henderson/Raleigh, NC with God given talents to reach the masses with his gift of music through song. There's much more to me than meets the eye and the world will witness this very soon. The name Small World was given to me as a child by a childhood friend in the Cinnamon Ridge neighborhood I lived in for a few years. It came from the movie Be Be's Kids. I was a mischievous kid who would always hang with the older kids that were coming of age on the block. Anyone who was accepted got a name and I got mine early so that was very big in the hood.

Matt: What made you want to rap?

Small World: What made me want to rap was the attention I got from girls and the respect it gave me from my peers. I was always musically gifted so it was like second nature. My 1st rhyme I ever wrote was actually hot so I stuck with it. It was an easy hobby. I can sing as well.

Matt: How did you link up wit DTP?

Small World: I linked up with DTP through Free formerly of 106 & Park. She and I were managed by the great Wyclef Jean a time ago. When she got the gig at 106, my old crew and I took a trip to the show and she was very happy to see me. She's a blessing. She proceeded to ask where my music was, I pulled it out of my back pocket, handed it to her, and exchanged numbers with her right on the spot. She called me later that night and asked me who I wanted to sign with. I then gave her a few options and the rest was history as they say. I made a choice to take a trip to ATL to meet with Chaka Zulu of DTP. It lead to a deal with DTP through the legendary Def Jam Records.

Matt: What’s it like working with Luda?

Small World: It's incredible as expected. He's a cool, regular dude. We have great chemistry musically.

Matt: If you could would you mess around with Shawna?

Small World: You a perv for that question. Lol. Just joking but no, I wouldn't mess around with her if I had the chance because Shawna is a beautiful black woman with an incredible talent and spirit whom I respect to the fullest so no. I'd rather have a life long friendship with her.

Matt: Who is your favorite rapper and why?

Small World: 2pac is my favorite rapper because he was himself at all times whether you liked it or not and he and his music had the biggest impact on an entire generation like no other rapper ever has or maybe ever will without dieing trying.

Matt: Who do you want to work with musically?

Small World: I'm open to work with anyone who wants to work with me. I rap and sing so it doesn't matter. I can work with the best and worst of them.

Matt: What is your favorite song of yours?

Small World: My favorite song of mine hasn't been created yet.

Matt: Describe your sound.

Small World: My sound is intense. Pure intensity all the time. Whether I'm singing or rapping, it's all intense. My voice is different from anyone's that's out there so I take pride in that. My delivery is different on every track so I stay ahead of the competition by staying creative.

Matt: What does Small World want to accomplish this upcoming year?

Small World: I just hope to finally get the national recognition I deserve for being who I am to NC and the music game period. I plan on putting out more music and getting off my high horse to show the world that I'm here to make music for them and not me all the time. Dropping my long awaited debut album "World Premiere" later this year will be one of the heights of my life.

Matt: What can we look forward to from Small World?

Small World: You can look forward to me blossoming into one of the best new artists on planet Earth! You can always reach me and/or get updates on me and my music on myspace.com/smallworldpremiere everyday!!!!!!! Thanks for all of the continued support and prayers. Peace and blessings!

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